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Entry #29

Contest Over, what now?

2012-11-05 14:59:43 by SimCorder

With this years voice acting contest over, and final exams just on the horizon...

What to do now...?

Below are all the entries from this years contest in order of submission

Nursing Home by Ultraconsole.
Bad Job Bar (VAC 9) by Ryry67dude
VA Contest 9 Submision by Obsidiaguy
VAC9 - Innocent Murderer by DivoFST
Marriage Counselor by ZipZipper
Kirbz-HorribleExperiences by KirbzVA
Haunted Headquarters by Supatone
Satans Secretary (VAC 9) by joePorter134
Meet Dan (VAC 9 Entry) ecopper12
Your Daughter (VAC 9) by Terzom
A Horrible Job by bodtchboy


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