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When I saw the title and Thumbnail for this animation, I knew what I was getting into.

After watching it, I am not disappointed at all.

Commentary aside, I really dig the line work on this, makes the whole video stand out from the crowd.

The style, art and presentation in this are all incredible. Its amazing how many vibes you struck here in such a short amount of time.

At first, I was kinda disappointed there was no real punch line, but you know what? This is so god damn wholesome, that I don't care about that, love it.

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A cute game, but its broken on Firefox, I tried launching the game on Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge) and it worked as intended and finally got to play the game bug free.

I like the potential here, but there are 2 glaring issues that need to be addressed.

First, although I didn't get too far into the game. I had no idea what I was supposed to be looking out for. The graphics are acceptable the way they are, but the monsters should have something that causes them to pop out, like a contrasting color in comparison to the background.

Second, there's a bug that breaks the cameras, I thought it had to do with changing positions while looking at the cameras. But I ran into the same issue when changing positions and then trying to look at the cameras again.

philRacoIndie responds:

Thank you for the feedback!
Yeah, no animatronics have been added yet, which is why you couldn't see them and
i'm working to fix that annoying bug.

I remember an era when games like this would have to be downloaded off some random website in order to be playable. Its amazing how things have evolved over the years.

The game itself is simple fun, but the customizable map specs add to the replay value.

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You improvised this..? wow man, I was half way through this thinking "wow this is really well written" then I read the comments and find out it was improvised, and my mind exploded a bit.

Nice job

BlazingDragon responds:

To me, the trick to a good improv is knowing what will keep it from sounding like an improv. Haha. Here are some examples of what I mean:

-In my first minute or so of improvisation, I try to pick out a chunk of melodic material that I can repeat later.
-I think structurally. So after that first minute or so of improvisation, I intentionally try to do something that contrasts what proceeded to create more tension and interest.
-At some point, I quote earlier material. This makes so that the improvisation doesn't sound like a bunch of random, stitched-together ideas that jump all over the place. It makes it sound like a real composed piece with form and parts you might even be able to hum afterward.

Rather than think of this process as improv, it might be better to think of it as speed composing. The goal is to take the elements that make a memorable composition and consciously apply them to spontaneously created music. It also involves a good deal of thinking ahead while you are playing.

I also fall back on things I already know. For example, there are certain keys I'm very comfortable playing in, and there are certain chord progressions and left-hand accompaniment patterns I tend to fall back on. I've spent enough time consciously building a tool-set to draw from that I am able to focus on melody and not have to constantly start and stop. I'm getting better at doing this everyday. May next goal is to cut pauses and tempo fluctuations that come from my uncertainty about where to go next. I would like my improvisations to sound incredibly intentional.

So, that was probably a lot more info than you wanted, but hey, I enjoyed writing it! XD

Thank you so much for your review. :)

I think no one can comprehend how many tongue twisters you used.. That is so dang impressive you either have a really good tongue to avoid slipping up, or you practised the shit out of that, now that's commitment.

Range[20/25] - despite your amazing acting, you did have a few similarities in your voice, mainly the telemarketer and the guy at the sheet sweater warehouse

Everyone's fit was perfect.. although the customers did sound a bit retarded.. probably intended for comedic effect

Mixing [19/20]
your mixing is perfect, crystal clear voices and great sound effects that aren't to loud or quiet

I don't even know what to write...

Although your story is simple, I see what you did here.. all your lines were simply set-ups for tongue twisters

Final Score: 139/150

No reviews at all? well, guess I'll fill the gap

The melody is repetitive, but the sheer powerful mood and extra instrumentals easily pick up the slack, reading your comments I can see where you got the inspiration for a tune such as this, a shine of enlightening optimism after a sea of dark and morbid songs.

Nice job

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I like how this turned out in your style, especially the eyes, deviating from the traditional angular/anime eyes gives your version some novelty. However, I'm not sure why tho, but Shantaes hip in the right pose bugs me.. I can't explain it, weither the hip is too thick or positioned just slightly odd, I can't put my finger on it.

Pretty good overall

Feels a bit more insane asylum from what I remember, but aside from that, nails all the familiar vibes.

I didn't know who Giffany was until I looked up that one episode of Gravity Falls featuring her.

Now with the context of her and Senpai in mind, I can agree with confidence that this is indeed a match made in hell.

Commentary aside, what really sticks out to me here is the expressions on their faces... it completes the whole picture, title and all.

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