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This movie goes to show that even with basic art, good animation and presentation can still make a quality submission. Interesting touch with the blur/filter (or that's how I would describe it), it really helped the loose and simple character and environment designs blend together. Turning glaring sharp lines into pleasant looking silhouettes.

I'm one of those few people that doesn't know much about Fortnite, although I didn't understand some of the stuff in this, I feel like I didn't need too in order to appreciate the action in front of me.

You definitely found a way of making something ordinary, seem extraordinary. Good job.

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bucketboi responds:

Thanks for that comment truly appreciated, glad that you enjoyed it

Okay, either I've seen this somewhere before, years ago, or I am having a super strong case of Deja Vu. If I am right or am going crazy, some enlightenment would be appreciated.

With that aside, all your effort really shows in this. With the Rotoscope and frame by frame animation to such an outstanding quality. It was a feast for the eyes.

I don't even... I mean... There was...But then.. WHAT DID I JUST WATCH!?!

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There's definitely potential in the pacing/narrative. What originally drew me into this was what was going to happen next, rather then the game play.

But the boss.. dear god the boss is ridiculous. The fact he does so much damage and auto hits you if you go anywhere in front of him is extremely punishing. From my perspective, usually your first instinct in a "supposedly" evenly matched boss fight is to attack head on. I was being beaten around so much that I never realized I had to attack him from behind. Only time I did figure that out was from reading another review talking about it. After that, the entire strategy to beat him became crystal clear. The only problem is if you don't know what to do, you are gonna be in a world of frustration for every attempt you make trying to figure that out for yourself. If you could restart the game at the boss fight afterwards, it would of made this far less annoying.

The combat is unfair, but do-able once you know what to do. The concept, art, and music is what turns this game from being mundane, to something that stands out. The potential in this game makes me curious as to what you could make in the future.

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Yipcks responds:

Wow, thank you so much for your comment sir!

That aspect of the fight that you had to fight him by hitting him at his back was made on purpose, because I had no ideia on how to create a boss fight on construct and I had very few events to make it a more interesting battle, so thats why. I thought that it was more of a mental battle then a hack n' slash, but you're right about the checkpoints, that's the main thing that killed my game.

btw: don't consider yourself a failure just yet sir, there is always enough time to seek what you love.

Best of luck!

Simple game, fluid animation, and decent particle effects. I like it.

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This game is so simple and short.. YET WHY DO I KEEP COMING BACK!?

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You improvised this..? wow man, I was half way through this thinking "wow this is really well written" then I read the comments and find out it was improvised, and my mind exploded a bit.

Nice job

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BlazingDragon responds:

To me, the trick to a good improv is knowing what will keep it from sounding like an improv. Haha. Here are some examples of what I mean:

-In my first minute or so of improvisation, I try to pick out a chunk of melodic material that I can repeat later.
-I think structurally. So after that first minute or so of improvisation, I intentionally try to do something that contrasts what proceeded to create more tension and interest.
-At some point, I quote earlier material. This makes so that the improvisation doesn't sound like a bunch of random, stitched-together ideas that jump all over the place. It makes it sound like a real composed piece with form and parts you might even be able to hum afterward.

Rather than think of this process as improv, it might be better to think of it as speed composing. The goal is to take the elements that make a memorable composition and consciously apply them to spontaneously created music. It also involves a good deal of thinking ahead while you are playing.

I also fall back on things I already know. For example, there are certain keys I'm very comfortable playing in, and there are certain chord progressions and left-hand accompaniment patterns I tend to fall back on. I've spent enough time consciously building a tool-set to draw from that I am able to focus on melody and not have to constantly start and stop. I'm getting better at doing this everyday. May next goal is to cut pauses and tempo fluctuations that come from my uncertainty about where to go next. I would like my improvisations to sound incredibly intentional.

So, that was probably a lot more info than you wanted, but hey, I enjoyed writing it! XD

Thank you so much for your review. :)

I think no one can comprehend how many tongue twisters you used.. That is so dang impressive you either have a really good tongue to avoid slipping up, or you practised the shit out of that, now that's commitment.

Range[20/25] - despite your amazing acting, you did have a few similarities in your voice, mainly the telemarketer and the guy at the sheet sweater warehouse

Everyone's fit was perfect.. although the customers did sound a bit retarded.. probably intended for comedic effect

Mixing [19/20]
your mixing is perfect, crystal clear voices and great sound effects that aren't to loud or quiet

I don't even know what to write...

Although your story is simple, I see what you did here.. all your lines were simply set-ups for tongue twisters

Final Score: 139/150

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No reviews at all? well, guess I'll fill the gap

The melody is repetitive, but the sheer powerful mood and extra instrumentals easily pick up the slack, reading your comments I can see where you got the inspiration for a tune such as this, a shine of enlightening optimism after a sea of dark and morbid songs.

Nice job

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Wind Waker fanart with a dash of realistic proportions... AWESOME!

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dommi-fresh responds:

you got it

omg thats so cute

I have never thought an African Gray could look so cute in my entire life.

To be a bit critical however, since I am a former parrot owner, I think the torso feathers should be a bit more layered. The head is fine since its not as fluffy.

However, *looks at a photo of an African gray* You did capture the idea of how the feathers wrap around each other. So you did an ok job.

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Jaw Dropping

You've done it again Mind Chamber, the shading, color and contrast and how precise the lines are, its flawless (or to my eyes at least)

and for those who are wondering who the Pink bot is, I did some digging on the forums and I think the names F-bot or "Fab-bot"

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